Exclusivity and Individuality with a good conscience

The philosophy of fabrari for design of sustainable and fair fashion

Nachhaltige Mode von Fanny Abrari

Fanny Abrari

With “fabrari – wear the world” I have found my own personal way of creatively expressing my appreciation for the world, its people and the arts by creating an ethically correct produced label.

In my opinion, appreciation, respectful interaction and sustainable thinking are crucial values in our lives: For people and their work but also for the environment and the earth, with all its resources.

Exploitation – both of people and environment – have always had a negative impact in history. As we can see now in our current society, in one hand we struggle with very poor production conditions and their suppliers and subcontractors of the garment industry , and on the other hand with massive environmental pollution of waste, water and air. It is high time to rethink and start acting more sustainable and responsible.